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Feeling it. 34 weeks. 6 days.

25 Oct

I’m already a pretty sensitive person as it is.
Nowadays I am extremely irritable.
& just about everything makes me sad/angry or hurts my feelings.
I’m sure my wife just LOVES this. -_-
Poor thing.

My wisdom teeth (all 4) have been coming in forever now.
& randomly my mouth just will hurt SUPER bad. Like tonight. 😩
On top of the never ending headaches.

Seems like the past few days our baby boy has chilled down a bit.
It’s STRESSING me out.
I’ve contemplated going in to L&D to have him monitored but because I know he is meeting the “at least ten kicks every two hours”, I haven’t.
He still has his crazy moments.
I’m assuming/hoping it’s because of how cramped up he is getting in there.
I have started using the kick counting card given to me by the hospital though.
Just to be sure.

I LOVE being pregnant.
I really do.
Even with the terrible heartburn & headaches.
I’m even scared that I will miss my belly once he’s born. Lol.
I also like my body even more than I did pre-pregnancy. 😝
Baby bumps are just the cutest things to me.
HOWEVER, I am ready for these next few weeks to hurry along!
Every part of me hurts.
& of course we are SOOO ready to meet this handsome liddo man of ours. πŸ’™

Since she doesn’t qualify for maternity leave
& everything will be totally unpaid.
We having been planning.
& HOPING that Domonique would get plenty of time off to spend with Kaimani & I once he’s born.
& we finally have everything straightened out!
She’s going to be off for about 8 weeks. ☺️😍😝
We seriously are so happy about all of that family time.

Baby bump. 34 weeks. & 3 days.


I have been a FREEEAK about what we buy for him.
Like obsessing over the registry (we used this not only for the baby shower but also for everything we personally wanted to buy him) since I was 15 weeks.
Domonique picked most of the larger items we have for him.
I wanted to share a couple of our favorite things.
Just because I am always curious about other people’s picks as well. ☺️
(These are the same colors we picked too. Except the diapers, obviously we got a bunch of colors in those. 😝)

1. Chicco Urban Stroller.
I must say I am absolutely in LOVE with this beaaaautiful thang. 😏 it’s a 3-in-1 so it can be either a car seat carrier, bassinet, or a toddler seat. (With & without leg boot.)
It can also face front or rear which we loveee.
& we have an extra color kit so we can make it gray if we’d like.


2. Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Car seat.
So on top of being extremely adorable. It’s the number #1 ranked car seat in America. 😊 It fits in our stroller & has sure latch which makes it super easy to tighten it in the car.


3. Evenflo DLX platinum all-in-one Car seat.
This car seat also has sure latch. It has cup holders for the little man. Some of my favorite things about it is that it reclines & has a temperature regulating fabric that helps him stay comfortable & not get all sweaty! & most importantly it has some fancy type of side protection that helps reduce side impact force.


4. Graco Duetsoothe swing & rocker.
So originally we were gonna go with the mamaroo but we read/heard a lot that the baby would quickly grow out of it. So we found this which we like even more. You can use it as a full swing which like has a bunch of different levels, plays music & has a cute mobile. Or you can detach it (just pull it off) & set it on the floor as a rocker.


5. Bumgenius 4.0 cloth diapers.
I already wrote whole cloth diaper post. But yeah, we are in love with these cute little diapers. They seem to be top notch. & are nearly as convenient as disposable (other than washing,which I personally don’t mind) They’re also better for our baby’s bum. & although they’re pretty expensive upfront it will save PLENTY in the long run!


6. Bumbo & play tray.
I’m not even sure why I’m so obsessed with this little seat. It just seems like it will be really convenient. We are on the go a lot so I love that it’s something we can take with us to family/friends houses & he will have his personal little seat for feeding him snacks & stuff. It also is kinda squishy and comfy looking…SUPER cute as well. We got the play tray too which attaches on and gives him a little play/eating station.


7. Dekor plus diaper pail
Some people use regular garbage cans (works fine I’m sure) which I just didn’t wanna do for keeping cloth diapers & obviously you shouldn’t use a regular diaper genie since they have disposable plastic bags inside & you will probably end up with a super funky room. But this diaper pail is the ONLY one that I could find that has the option of purchasing a pack of two CLOTH diaper pail liners that can just be washed with the diapers. It also comes with one refill of the regular plastic liners which is perfect since we will be using disposables while he is a newborn.


8. Tommee tippee bottles
It was between these & Dr.Browns but these ones are just so much cuter. 😍 Annnd since I will be breast feeding/pumping for Dommie to feed him there’s also a lot of reviews on how these bottles are super easy to switch between breast feeding & bottle feeding. Our favorite pack we have are these colored ones. πŸ™‚ even though Domonique doesn’t want him to use the purple one. Lol.


9. Vicks starry night humidifier
Since he has an iPod for his music we weren’t too worried about the projector/sound machines. BUUUUT, we needed a humidifier as well as a projector. So this works PERFECT since it does both. There’s also an option of adding scent pads.


10. Petunia pickle bottom walkabout
I don’t plan on wearing our baby, there’s no particular reason. But Domonique does & will do it often i’m sure. So from the jump we knew we wanted to find her a nice carrier. There were like no options of cute ones. -_- they all pretty much looked the same & are super basic. The day we found out we were having a boy we went shopping. & we found this ADORABLE/boyish carrier. Of course this is our opinion but I would have to say it’s the cutest one I’ve seen, evaaa. 😝


Nursery. 😝 32 weeks & 4 days.

9 Oct

So we had an appointment with our midwife on the 3rd.
Everything went well.
& he’s head down as he should be!
We had our final ultrasound. ☺️
Which was super quick. πŸ˜”
Unfortunately for us our baby boy stuck to his usual routine and hid from the “camera”.
We couldn’t make out anything in the ultrasound really.
Except for there was something… he didn’t mind confirming the fact that he’s definitely a boy. lol.
With his little legs sticking up in the air.
We didn’t even get one picture from it Cuz everything was sort of a blurr.

After telling the midwife how HORRIBLE I have been feeling lately she diagnosed me with carpal tunnel, which I guess is common in pregnancy
She also had blood work done to make sure I don’t have preeclampsia, because I’ve had nearly all of the symptoms of it.
Luckily for baby & me the results were negative.
I’m also being sent to the neurologist towards the end of the month for my constant migraines.
HOPEFULLY they will help me find some type of relief.

Th midwife said by looking at my belly the baby is about 4.5 pounds.
& because of the size of my belly she would be surprised if he were (at the most) 7 pounds at birth.
As long as our baby boy is healthy that’s all that matters!
My weight gain has been fluctuating between a 17/20 pound weight gain for a bit now.
Which is fineee with me!

We have gotten A LOT done in the past few weeks.
I spent two ENTIRE nights (from 11-8am) washing & folding absolutely everything of his.
Except his cloth diapers which will take awhile as well being that before they are used they must be “prepped” & that requires 6 wash cycles.

We also spent a weekend completing his nursery!
Saturday we separated all the clothes by size & type.
Figured out what we wanted hung & what could be folded.
(Nearly everything had to be folded as we ran out of closet space!)
& got it all put away.
Which was QUITE the task.
I’m not sure what a “normal” amount of baby clothes & blankets to have is.
But I’m almost positive he has an excessive amount!
We also took mostly everything out of its box and totally organized his room.
We finished the night off with pizza & Hocus Pocus. πŸ’œ
Domonique’s sister came over the next day & helped Domonique put up the decorations.
I must say I am IN LOVE with how amazing the nursery came out. It’s absolutely PERFECT.
The only thing left in there is we need to buy a base for his lamp shade.
Other than that it is complete!

I have to say thank you to Domonique’s sister for painting his name signs & helping put the room together.
& thank you to my mother for the roman shades & lamp shade! πŸ™‚
It all really helped to complete the look!
Also, I really can’t take credit for his room since my amaaaazing wife picked out and placed pretty much everything in there. 😍
I’m a lucky girl.

We still need to install his car seat. Assemble his stroller & swing.
& put up the baby gate in the hall way.
Then after that it’s little things like packing our hospital bags! 😝
We’re soooo close to meeting this little guy.

So originally we were going to wait to share his name on any social media sites until his arrival.
BUUUUT, we changed our mind. ☺️
Our liddo man is going to be named,

Kaimani La’bree Robinson. πŸ’™

Even before starting IVF we picked boy & girl names.
Domonique picked the girl name.
& I picked Kai for a boy.
Then she suggested Kaimani.
& so we went with that!
Also, La’bree is Domonique’s Paternal grandmothers maiden name.
We are obsessed with his full nameeee!! 😍

















Btw, his furniture kinda looks black, it’s not… It’s “cappuccino” πŸ™‚ lol.
& the little monster that’s currently in his crib is going to be brought with us & given to him at the hospital. πŸ’™
My Dommie picked it. ☺️