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Nursery. 😝 32 weeks & 4 days.

9 Oct

So we had an appointment with our midwife on the 3rd.
Everything went well.
& he’s head down as he should be!
We had our final ultrasound. ☺️
Which was super quick. πŸ˜”
Unfortunately for us our baby boy stuck to his usual routine and hid from the “camera”.
We couldn’t make out anything in the ultrasound really.
Except for there was something… he didn’t mind confirming the fact that he’s definitely a boy. lol.
With his little legs sticking up in the air.
We didn’t even get one picture from it Cuz everything was sort of a blurr.

After telling the midwife how HORRIBLE I have been feeling lately she diagnosed me with carpal tunnel, which I guess is common in pregnancy
She also had blood work done to make sure I don’t have preeclampsia, because I’ve had nearly all of the symptoms of it.
Luckily for baby & me the results were negative.
I’m also being sent to the neurologist towards the end of the month for my constant migraines.
HOPEFULLY they will help me find some type of relief.

Th midwife said by looking at my belly the baby is about 4.5 pounds.
& because of the size of my belly she would be surprised if he were (at the most) 7 pounds at birth.
As long as our baby boy is healthy that’s all that matters!
My weight gain has been fluctuating between a 17/20 pound weight gain for a bit now.
Which is fineee with me!

We have gotten A LOT done in the past few weeks.
I spent two ENTIRE nights (from 11-8am) washing & folding absolutely everything of his.
Except his cloth diapers which will take awhile as well being that before they are used they must be “prepped” & that requires 6 wash cycles.

We also spent a weekend completing his nursery!
Saturday we separated all the clothes by size & type.
Figured out what we wanted hung & what could be folded.
(Nearly everything had to be folded as we ran out of closet space!)
& got it all put away.
Which was QUITE the task.
I’m not sure what a “normal” amount of baby clothes & blankets to have is.
But I’m almost positive he has an excessive amount!
We also took mostly everything out of its box and totally organized his room.
We finished the night off with pizza & Hocus Pocus. πŸ’œ
Domonique’s sister came over the next day & helped Domonique put up the decorations.
I must say I am IN LOVE with how amazing the nursery came out. It’s absolutely PERFECT.
The only thing left in there is we need to buy a base for his lamp shade.
Other than that it is complete!

I have to say thank you to Domonique’s sister for painting his name signs & helping put the room together.
& thank you to my mother for the roman shades & lamp shade! πŸ™‚
It all really helped to complete the look!
Also, I really can’t take credit for his room since my amaaaazing wife picked out and placed pretty much everything in there. 😍
I’m a lucky girl.

We still need to install his car seat. Assemble his stroller & swing.
& put up the baby gate in the hall way.
Then after that it’s little things like packing our hospital bags! 😝
We’re soooo close to meeting this little guy.

So originally we were going to wait to share his name on any social media sites until his arrival.
BUUUUT, we changed our mind. ☺️
Our liddo man is going to be named,

Kaimani La’bree Robinson. πŸ’™

Even before starting IVF we picked boy & girl names.
Domonique picked the girl name.
& I picked Kai for a boy.
Then she suggested Kaimani.
& so we went with that!
Also, La’bree is Domonique’s Paternal grandmothers maiden name.
We are obsessed with his full nameeee!! 😍

















Btw, his furniture kinda looks black, it’s not… It’s “cappuccino” πŸ™‚ lol.
& the little monster that’s currently in his crib is going to be brought with us & given to him at the hospital. πŸ’™
My Dommie picked it. ☺️


Baby beach bum. <3

11 Jul

(Domonique is my little beachbum. & I’m sure he’ll be her mini. When I first moved in with her we lived a few blocks from the beach & she’s totally obsessed with it. 😝)

So I really haven’t been writing too much lately.
Not because I don’t want to.
But there’s been A LOT going on. Like too much to even think about.
Mostly good & some bad too.
We’re blessed so I’m not going to complain.

My ALL DAY sickness is gone. & I have been taking a different prenatal that my doctor recommended in place of those seven horse pills.
Which is so lovely.
My overwhelming, sight blurring headaches every night= NOT so lovely.

After losing ten pounds since becoming pregnant I have finally started gaining a couple of those pounds back. πŸ™‚
I have an obsession with not looking pregnant enough.
So this is of course good news.
Alsooo, I have been EXTREMELY hungry all the time. & not as picky so this is for sure helping with the weight gain.

Also as far as food goes…
I am still eating fruit 24/7.
Rarely any meat
& really a bunch of random things.
I’m finally able to cook meals for us again without wanting to throw up. πŸ™‚
Which I know Domonique is happy about.

I have always loved spicy foods.
But since I’ve been pregnant I REALLY should not eat them.
I decided to have some of my wife’s Thai chilies that she eats with pretty much everything & I am paying for it. -_-

Since our gender ultrasound we have had two check up’s where we got to hear our little man’s heartbeat. πŸ’œ
& we have completed all of the Down syndrome test.
Everything’s looking good. πŸ™‚

My wife recently had a week of vacation from work for her birthday.
She is now 25. πŸ™‚
It was awesome to get to spend so much time with her since she works so much & when she’s not working we usually have errands to run!
We went to the Russian river in guerneville.
Finished the new season of Orange is the new black.
Started watching true blood, which although it’s kind of corny we absolutely love. πŸ™‚
SHE got turnt up every night. Lol.
And mostly we just chilled at home and RELAXED which is something she doesn’t get to do often.

We have purchased all the decorations for his bedroom.
I cannot wait to see it all put together. 😍
My wife has pretty much designed his room, with some input from me of course. πŸ™‚
& the baby shower planning is underway!
Nautical theme of course.
Which my wife also picked. Lol.
I am a planner by nature so although I’m not the one throwing the shower I can’t help but assist in organizing everything.
I would probably freak out if I couldn’t help.

We have gone back and forth about cloth diapering.
My wife mainly being the one wanting to use cloth & me well…not so much.
BUUUUT she brought it up again recently & I finally agreed.
This has been a topic of discussion way before we were even expecting & we have committed!
The benefits of cloth are just too good to pass up!
It’s sort of confusing.
But overall I’m happy my wife kept pushing for us to use them.
She probably regrets it now that I’ve been obsessing over them. Haha.
We’ve picked a brand (Bumgenius 4.0, one size fits all) & I’m still researching specifics of all the other accessories we will need.
We’re both super happy about this decision!

Today we had our anatomy scan!
They once again confirmed it’s a boy.
Of course our little man was being a booger like always!
He was covering his face and all squished up making the technician work hard to get her pictures.
He is a healthy baby which we couldn’t be happier about!!
There’s nothing I love more than looking over at Domonique while she’s watching him on the screen. πŸ™‚

It was strange to see him move on the screen as well as feel him kick inside of me at the same time! ❀
We SERIOUSLY couldn't be more in love with our liddo K______.
CLEARLY we have decided on a name!
It's the name we picked when we first starting looking into IVF.
But we aren't sharing until he's here. πŸ™‚


EIGHT weeks. 3 days.

23 Apr

I had an appointment yesterday to check my progesterone & estrogen to see how long until I can stop medication.
I wasn’t given the exact numbers of this weeks results.

But two weeks ago they were:
Estradiol 1845.
Progesterone >80.
& yesterday:
Estradiol: around 3000 (idk if it’s above or below)
Progesterone: 40 something.
I’m so accurate right? Lol.

Anywho. I was instructed to begin taking half the dose I was originally taking so now I still change my Vivelle every other day but only one patch instead of two.
& I take one progesterone suppository at night instead of two a day.
& I have another check up next Tuesday.

I don’t really know much about those numbers.
Or why my progesterone is lower/ what it’s supposed to be.
We tried looking it up but there was so many different answers.
Anyways I have full trust in my doctor & I KNOW he is doing what’s best for this pregnancy & myself! πŸ™‚

Still no vomit but the nausea has yet to subside.
It went from being all day & sometimes at night.
To being all night & sometimes during the day.
It’s inevitable & I refuse to eat crackers. So I don’t mind dealing with it.
However my wife’s aunt is an amazing doula & has suggest I buy these bands from Walgreens which I NEED to do. I just always forget. : /

I am DYING for Thai food.
I have been dying for Thai food for awhile now.
Chicken green curry & white rice. πŸ™‚
Omg. I would be in heaven.
Unfortunately our schedule conflicts with the restaurants hours & it seems like that will never happen. Lol.
But I still dream about it. O_O
My want NEED for Thai food is literally overwhelming.
I’ve never wanted a meal so badly. 😦

I can’t eat anything hardly.
I’ve been forcing myself to eat.
Unless it’s strawberries.
I literally eat the entire basket all at once.
I can’t drink carbonated anything at all.
And food period sounds disgusting.
Except that Thai food of course. πŸ™‚ lol.

I think I kinda assumed life would stop once I got pregnant.
& I would only see rainbows and fairies.
Quickly did I learn it doesn’t.
The difference is the fact I constantly have my beautiful baby with me trumps everything else and when I realize what’s to come in 7 months nothing else seems very important.

Did I mention I want Thai food? 😦


I JUST started/finished eating these. Lol.

6 weeks 2 days. :) FIRST ultrasound

8 Apr

Today we had our first of many ultrasounds.
Two sacs were found but one is smaller than the other.
We know for sure we have one healthy baby with a beautiful heartbeat!!
We couldn’t be more excited and feel more blessed!


EIGHT weeks. : )

19 Sep

So I’m officially 8 weeks pregnant today.
Yay. : )

I am lucky to have all of the lovely symptoms! -_-
Don’t get me wrong I really don’t mind them because I know why they’re there.
But it doesn’t mean they’re the funnest feelings in the world.

I want to throw up 24/7.
I mean when I wake up it’s HORRIBLE.
& throughout the entire day my nausea has its ups & downs.
But it’s ALWAYS there.
& those 7 giant disgusting vitamins I take every morning surely make it 10x worse!!

My boobies hurt like a mf!
Only when I touch them, which I do to make sure they are sore. Lol.
It’s reassuring.

& my favorite of them all is I never poop!
Like seriously I don’t remember the last time I went.

I’ve been sleeping terribly lately.
I have an extremely hard time going to bed & when I do I wake up because I feel so poopie & lay in bed tryna go back to sleep for like 2 hours sometimes.

I try not to think about the way I feel too much.
Instead I just remind myself what WHO is coming in 32 weeks is worth all of these feelings!!

I also try not to stress, but this is hands down the most stressful time of my life.
Not good, I know!!
I haven’t bled anymore since my last incident! Which is of course a good sign. πŸ™‚
On Friday we get to see our tot!
I can’t wait.

& the wait continues.

16 Aug

Three days down, six to go.
I’m BEYOND ready to know the outcome of this cycle!
I’m optimistic.
I have VERY little cramping this time.
Where as my last cycle I was CONSTANTLY cramping.
I don’t know what to think.
Luckily I’m not obsessed with possible symptoms this time around.
I’d rather just chill & maintain this “wait & see” type of attitude my wife has given me.

We begin class Monday.
& she begins graveyards Monday as well.
We’re EXTREMELY excited about that. πŸ™‚
It will help next week go by speedy so our BETA won’t feel like it’s years away.
We will be in class until 2:00pm the day of our test. -_-
So we’ve decide to have them wait & call us once we are done with school for the day.

While my wife is at work is when I think about if I’m pregnant or not the most.
So it will be nice to have her to myself this weekend. πŸ™‚

I stopped taking those seven giant vitamins & switched to one prenatal vitamin that doesn’t make me puke my guts out. πŸ™‚

Today our embryos should be “attaching deeper into the uterine lining”
So lets hope for just that!! : )


PositiveISH HPT.

12 Jun

So I had one last home pregnancy test left.
& my wife and I decided I wasn’t going to use it.
That we would just wait for tomorrow & see what the second BETA results are.
Weeeell, we changed our minds!
& I’m happy we did.
It wasn’t first morning but it was close.
So I took the test.
But then my wife looks at it.
& sure enough she sees a faint line.
I couldn’t see it at first but then I did!
It’s definitely there.
I mean of course we would have liked a bit of a darker line, but any line at all is progress.
This means my HCG level must have increased because it wouldn’t have detected a 10!
This is good.
Our qui qui’s are growing.
Look CLOSELY. ; )