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Nursery. 😝 32 weeks & 4 days.

9 Oct

So we had an appointment with our midwife on the 3rd.
Everything went well.
& he’s head down as he should be!
We had our final ultrasound. ☺️
Which was super quick. πŸ˜”
Unfortunately for us our baby boy stuck to his usual routine and hid from the “camera”.
We couldn’t make out anything in the ultrasound really.
Except for there was something… he didn’t mind confirming the fact that he’s definitely a boy. lol.
With his little legs sticking up in the air.
We didn’t even get one picture from it Cuz everything was sort of a blurr.

After telling the midwife how HORRIBLE I have been feeling lately she diagnosed me with carpal tunnel, which I guess is common in pregnancy
She also had blood work done to make sure I don’t have preeclampsia, because I’ve had nearly all of the symptoms of it.
Luckily for baby & me the results were negative.
I’m also being sent to the neurologist towards the end of the month for my constant migraines.
HOPEFULLY they will help me find some type of relief.

Th midwife said by looking at my belly the baby is about 4.5 pounds.
& because of the size of my belly she would be surprised if he were (at the most) 7 pounds at birth.
As long as our baby boy is healthy that’s all that matters!
My weight gain has been fluctuating between a 17/20 pound weight gain for a bit now.
Which is fineee with me!

We have gotten A LOT done in the past few weeks.
I spent two ENTIRE nights (from 11-8am) washing & folding absolutely everything of his.
Except his cloth diapers which will take awhile as well being that before they are used they must be “prepped” & that requires 6 wash cycles.

We also spent a weekend completing his nursery!
Saturday we separated all the clothes by size & type.
Figured out what we wanted hung & what could be folded.
(Nearly everything had to be folded as we ran out of closet space!)
& got it all put away.
Which was QUITE the task.
I’m not sure what a “normal” amount of baby clothes & blankets to have is.
But I’m almost positive he has an excessive amount!
We also took mostly everything out of its box and totally organized his room.
We finished the night off with pizza & Hocus Pocus. πŸ’œ
Domonique’s sister came over the next day & helped Domonique put up the decorations.
I must say I am IN LOVE with how amazing the nursery came out. It’s absolutely PERFECT.
The only thing left in there is we need to buy a base for his lamp shade.
Other than that it is complete!

I have to say thank you to Domonique’s sister for painting his name signs & helping put the room together.
& thank you to my mother for the roman shades & lamp shade! πŸ™‚
It all really helped to complete the look!
Also, I really can’t take credit for his room since my amaaaazing wife picked out and placed pretty much everything in there. 😍
I’m a lucky girl.

We still need to install his car seat. Assemble his stroller & swing.
& put up the baby gate in the hall way.
Then after that it’s little things like packing our hospital bags! 😝
We’re soooo close to meeting this little guy.

So originally we were going to wait to share his name on any social media sites until his arrival.
BUUUUT, we changed our mind. ☺️
Our liddo man is going to be named,

Kaimani La’bree Robinson. πŸ’™

Even before starting IVF we picked boy & girl names.
Domonique picked the girl name.
& I picked Kai for a boy.
Then she suggested Kaimani.
& so we went with that!
Also, La’bree is Domonique’s Paternal grandmothers maiden name.
We are obsessed with his full nameeee!! 😍

















Btw, his furniture kinda looks black, it’s not… It’s “cappuccino” πŸ™‚ lol.
& the little monster that’s currently in his crib is going to be brought with us & given to him at the hospital. πŸ’™
My Dommie picked it. ☺️

Baby Shower. 30 weeks & 3 days. πŸ’œ

24 Sep

It’s been like forever since my last post.
Hopefully I don’t forget anything!
But I’m sure I will.

First I wanna say thank you to those of you who nominated us for the “One Lovely Blog Award” I totally wrote a post for it in my phone & after I updated my phone that night it deleted. -_- So I’ll do my best to write another one soon. 😊

My wife started her blackwork sleeve/coverup.
& I must say I am IN LOVE with it.
So far she’s had a 10 hour session followed by a 6 hour session.
& there’s still a bit more to do.
She is a CRAZY person for sitting that long.
I could hardly even watch it. 😳
But it doesn’t seem to bug her.

I feel SUPER in love with her.
I am obsessive & organized and overthink everything.
It’s just getting worse the closer we get to our due date.
But she has a way of easing my nerves & making sure we get everything done so that I don’t freak out.
She’s so involved in every decision we make for our son & I love it.

Our baby shower was September 20th.
& I must say it was eveeeeerything we could ever want.
My mother & sister put so much time into it.
& it came out amazing.

Some of the highlights are:
Snow cone machine.
Blow up water slide for the kids.
Mini cheesecakes
Fruit trifle.
Whale shaped Rice Krispies.
Yummy food that our guest just seemed to LOVE. ☺️
Baby games
Domonique & I even did a surprise baby name reveal!

We were super overwhelmed by the amount of our friends & family who came to celebrate our baby boy!
There literally had to be about 100 people who showed up throughout the day. 😝
We are so blessed to have been able to share such a special day with so many of our loved ones!

The ONLY thing I am sad about it the amount of pictures taken.
It was so hectic that even Domonique & I didn’t get ONE picture together. 😒

We are going to go within the next few days and purchase everything we need for the baby that’s left on our list.
Which isn’t much with all of the things we have already purchased as well as the lovely gifts from our family & friends! ☺️

We also are going to complete the nursery.
& get our hospital bag ready.
It may be a bit early for the bag but I don’t feel right about not having EVERYTHING ready being so close to his due date.

I passed my glucose test. ☺️
I know a lot of people complain but it wasn’t too bad in my opinion.
We finally met with our midwife who is just the sweetest thing.

EVERYTHING has been absolutely amazing lately.
The baby is doing perfect. ☺️
He’s kicking and moving a ton.
My whole tummy rolls around when he’s shifting.
I have a feeling he’s a big boy being that he’s constantly hurting me when he moves around. lol.
Our next & possibly final ultrasound will be October 3rd.
They’re going to make sure he is head down.
We also have newborn & breast feeding classes soon.
As well as a hospital tour.

Some nights I wake up and my legs hurt really bad, & feel sort of tingly.
I’m still being told regularly that my bump is small for being 30 weeks.
I’ve gained 17 pounds. ☺️
& have two tiny spots on both sides of my lower belly that have what looks like the beginning of stretch marks.
I couldn’t care less.
As long as I have a healthy baby boy he can give me all the stretch marks he wants. ☺️
Also as of my 30 week mark exactly my wedding ring & I are gonna have to have a break.
My hands and feet like to swell up if I’m too active so it’s easier to just leave my ring off so I don’t have anymore panic attacks trying to get it off my swollen finger. lol.

I gave in & started using tums with the advice from our midwife.
It helped at first but it’s not doing anything for me anymore. πŸ˜”
For the past few days I can hardly eat because ANYTHING I eat gives me the WORSE indigestion ever.
It hurts sooooo bad.
I’ve had to learn to not eat at least an hour before bed.
Otherwise I spend most of the night choking and running to the bathroom trying not to throw up!

I have VERY little patience lately.
& my wife is dealing with that surprisingly well. ☺️
Thank goodness.

First session.

Second session.




Baby shower. πŸšΌπŸšΏβš“οΈβ›΅οΈπŸ’™






30 week bump.
We didn’t take an official picture.
But here’s one my wife took while I was trying on dresses for the baby shower. πŸ™‚
This is the dress I chose btw.


15 weeks.

8 Jun

AMAZING day with my wife, mother & mother in law!
After finding out our baby’s gender we all went shopping & to the Cheesecake Factory which was delicious. πŸ™‚
We are having a liddo baby

BOY. ❀
He is always a silly little guy.
Last ultrasound he was sleeping on his face, today he was laying on his head with his feet in the air. Lol.
Domonique & I are so blessed to have a healthy baby boy growing perfectly. πŸ™‚
We cannot wait to see him again on Wednesday. Eek.
LOVE our little man!!

Not even 12 hours of knowing the gender.
We may have over did it a bit. πŸ™‚
This is day one of shopping I'm scared to see how filled his room will be in 5 more months.




Graduation day!

10 May

Ultrasound of our liddo tot.
10 weeks 5 days.
We graduated from our IVF clinic.
Yay! πŸ™‚
So in LOVE. ❀


TEN weeks. 3 days.

7 May

So uhm, can I just say since my last post my awesome wife has taken me for Thai food twice. 😳
& it was as amazing as I dreamed of.
More please. πŸ™‚
We’ve had quite a few appointments.

April 29th.
IVF clinic: I had my progesterone & estradiol checked to see when I could completely discontinue the medication. I would be running out that day so they had me pick up a new prescription after the blood draw. Later on we received an email with our results, my estradiol was 5,375 & my progesterone was 42. I was instructed to remove my vivelle patch & take my last progesterone that night! πŸ™‚ holler. Kinda poopie that we purchased medication we won’t be needing. But it feels GREAT to not need it. ANNND our clinic has covered the cost of our progesterone nearly the entire cycle. So I really can’t/won’t complain!

May 1st.
Kaiser: So we had our first “regular” prenatal appointment!! We didn’t get to see a doctor as it was just paperwork & blood test. The clerk was surprisingly EXTREMELY nice & not judgmental at all to our “alternative” lifestyle or whatever people call it these days. Overall everything went well. & all my blood test came back normal! Although I know it’s irrelevant at this point in my pregnancy but if anybody is interested my HCG was 139,658. (Nine weeks & 4 days) we have a follow up appointment May 8th for an ultrasound! πŸ™‚ eek. My wife & I are both looking forward to this. She keeps talking about it, it’s super cute. Lol.

May 2nd.
IVF clinic:
So we had a follow up to check that my levels remained where they needed to without me being on medication. I can’t remember what exactly my levels were, however they were “great” & we would just be needing one more follow up to ensure they remained great. Lol. We schedule for May 9th.

So that was it for the appointments. Or so it was supposed to be! Sunday night things got kinda EXTREMELY scary.
Around 1:30am i went to the bathroom.
I had the light off.
Every time I use the bathroom & wipe I check it for blood.
Just because I think it’s a habit at this point.
Usually there’s nothing.
This time there was what looked like a “dark” spot.
I turned on the light.
& sure enough.
It was blood.
I had started spotting.
It wasn’t heavy at all.
But there was some bright red blood. Some light pink. & some brown when wiping throughout the night.
It clearly wasn’t flowing.
But it was certainly there.
It continued throughout the entire night.
& the next day.
Although it was only a super light brown Monday.
& completely gone Tuesday morning.
Like we have both read a million times that spotting can be normal during pregnancy blah blah.
Which sounds fine when you read it.
But when it happens.
It’s totally different.
We were so scared that this was the end.
I don’t care if it’s normal or not. I would rather not spot again!
At all, ever. -_-
We are pretty positive we’ve found out the reason for the spotting so Domonique & I are gonna stay clear of each other for awhile. Lol.

The next morning I contacted our clinic & we scheduled an appointment for Tuesday.
They checked my progesterone & estradiol to make sure they hadn’t taken me off the medication too soon.
(At least that’s what I assume they checked it for)
By this time I was already feeling completely crappy again. & gagging at just the smell of my vitamins.
So we felt pretty confident that our baby was safe & sound. ❀
My estradiol is greater than 6,000.
& my progesterone is 29.6.
I can't explain how much more grateful we are!
(If it's even possible to be anymore grateful than we already are.)

Sooo. We have another appointment this Friday at our clinic for an ultrasound only.
& Thursday at Kaiser for an ultrasound as well.
Two ultrasounds in one week!
Oh yes. πŸ™‚

Liddo flicker <3

9 Sep

Our liddo Robinson is growing nice & strong. πŸ™‚
We were totally hoping for two but we are just as happy with our one liddo guy!!
As long as he/she is healthy we couldn’t be happier.
: )
It was crazy to see the heartbeat.
It was super fast. ❀
LOVE our beautiful baby already.
Now the fact that I have CONSTANT nausea is perfectly okay because it's for sure worth it.
They'll call us later with the blood work results & I'll possibly be lowering my medication doses.
Btw, It was adorable to see my wife tear up.



23 Jul

Pretty much I feel like it is taking FOREVER for the transfer date to come.
Possibly because of how long we had to wait after the last cycle.
3 weeks until I have our liddo embryos in me again.
& honestly it couldn’t come soon enough.
We really don’t even feel like we are in the process of cycle #2

I’m kinda becoming inpatient.
I have NOT been taking my vitamins everyday which I know is terrible.
But the fact they make me take 7 giant vitamins that make me sick for hours is poopie.
Can I not just take a prenatal pill & call it a day.
I WILL start taking them daily starting now.
I’m sure I said this before.
But I mean it this time!!

My wife & I visited a friend of hers last weekend.
She has an 8 month old baby boy.
Seeing Domonique with him made me want a baby more than EVER.
She’s extremely good with babies.
I can’t wait to have our own. : ) x2

We have dentist appointments this weekend.
I need to check if my wisdom teeth are coming in.
Because i feel like they have been & if so then I for SURE need to get those suckers pulled ASAP.
Which will not be fun.

Alsoooo, we have been STUCK on Dexter.
We just began season 3 & it’s GREAT.
I highly recommend it to those who haven’t seen it before.
& to those who have, yes we are extremely late being Dexter is currently on season 8.

Anywho it’s time to go pick up my wife from work. : )


2 Jul

Six weeks until those liddo embryos are transferred into my uterus.
Oh my, lets hope it’s for the long run this time. : /
The wife & I continue NOT to really talk about baby anything
& We like it that way.

We’re trying to get all of our ducks in a row so that this cycle can be a lot more relaxed than the last.
We were so busy with moving & taking care of minor details.
We want to finish everything that’s going on so that there are no additional worries.

My mother’s friend is a surrogate.
She has told her something about eating certain parts of the pineapple on specific days around the transfer supposedly makes your uterus “sticky”.
I know that’s not very descriptive.
But I will tell you when I know the details!
We are willing to try it for sure.
Ya never know, it could work. πŸ˜‰

Sooo, tomorrow I will be working.
A friend of ours recommended me to her supervisor & what do ya know! πŸ™‚
He wants me to start on registry.
& we are hoping it will turn into a per diem or full time position.
(Ironic that my wife had previously recommended her at a different hospital which she currently works at as well. Great favors return themselves) πŸ™‚
I haven’t been working for the past two months so this is great news.
Especially because it is nearly impossible these days to get your foot in at any sterile processing department.
I’m so used to being around my wife A LOT lately though.
So I will miss my boo boo but nevertheless we are GRATEFUL. πŸ™‚

MAAAYBE things are starting to go our way. ;)

19 Jun

It’s been awhile since our last post.
A lot has happened since then.
Domonique’s 24th birthday was on Monday. : )
& Our fuzzy baby got stung by a bee & we ended up paying a pretty penny for her emergency visit.
But all that matters is she’s okay of course! : )
I started my period Sunday.
& let me tell you it is on & POPPING.
Major cramps & all yay. -_-
We are somewhat “happy” about this though because it means we are that much closer to our next treatment.
: )

So the clinic we go to usually doesn’t accept payment plans.
You pay in full for all treatments, no financing or anything.
Howeveeeer, being the kind hearted people they are they offered to work with us on our next treatment. And are allowing us to make payments which is great!
So the fee of frozen egg transfer is $2,930.
The thawing fee is $1,050.00
Medication will be about $800.00.
& we still need to pay the remaining balance of the egg freezing fee which is now $600.00
I have been making a budget, planning our payments. & everything like that.

So I emailed our clinic so I could set up exactly how much our monthly payments would be for thawing & the cycle fee.
You can imagine how surprised we were when we got an email back stating I had misunderstood the previous email regarding price & that we are only going to be charged for thawing by the clinic.
Meaning we will NOT have to pay the almost $3,000.00 fee!!!
Yesterday soon became an AMAZING day.
We are so very grateful for that.
Now we don’t have to worry about payment plans or not having the funds within the next three weeks!
We’re good to go!!

The only thing we now need to decide on is to transfer 2 or 3 embryos.
Which is a MAJOR decision for us.
Luckily we have some time to decide. : )

Our poor baby, all swollen from her bee sting.
I hate looking at this picture. 😦
I feel so bad.


PositiveISH HPT.

12 Jun

So I had one last home pregnancy test left.
& my wife and I decided I wasn’t going to use it.
That we would just wait for tomorrow & see what the second BETA results are.
Weeeell, we changed our minds!
& I’m happy we did.
It wasn’t first morning but it was close.
So I took the test.
But then my wife looks at it.
& sure enough she sees a faint line.
I couldn’t see it at first but then I did!
It’s definitely there.
I mean of course we would have liked a bit of a darker line, but any line at all is progress.
This means my HCG level must have increased because it wouldn’t have detected a 10!
This is good.
Our qui qui’s are growing.
Look CLOSELY. ; )