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23 Weeks. & 1 day.

4 Aug

I’m sure I’ve said this before BUUUUT. We CANNOT wait to meet our son.
16 weeks & 6 days to go… Considering he comes on his due date. 🙂
Which I hope he does because I really want to have thanksgiving dinner AND still be able to go shopping on Black Friday. Lol.
That’s probably not gonna happen, but I can dream!

We FINALLY finished putting our room together Friday.
Including the most amazing curtains ever which totally block out the sun.
This is extremely helpful being that we sleep during the day since Domonique is on graveyards.
I think we both had the BEST sleep ever since we’ve moved here.
We ordered a new bedroom furniture set when we moved a few months ago.
Since our last bed was low profile we didn’t have a boxspring.
So we finally got that as well.
& I just loveeee how cute our room looks. 😍

Another order of our cloth diapers came Friday as well.
Much smaller than the first, still Bumgenius but it’s a new color so I had to order it separate from the first set.
ANNNND my wife surprised me & ordered EVERY one of the diapers we wanted from this other company.
They only had 5 of each diaper in stock so i wasn’t sure if we would get them in time.
& yes. I know it’s silly, but it’s pretty serious. Lol. -_-
These diapers are a bit more expensive than the Bumgenius 4.0 that we are mostly using (17.95 compared to 26.00)
But they’re the cutest things in the world.
We also ordered a pack of cloth wipes from Etsy to use for pee pee only!
I will FOR SURE be using regular disposable wipes for poop.
Sorry this totally isn’t becoming a cloth diaper blog.
But with how obsessed we are with them I will probably talk about them often. 🙂

We went to a baby shower Saturday. 🙂
It was my first baby shower I attended as an adult. Lol.
So being the nerd I am about this stuff I was excited.

Tuesday Domonique was off & we got the BEST treat ever.
Her grandmother is from Louisiana
& she’s for sure one of the best cooks I know. 🙂
Well her grandmother’s brother was in town (also from Louisiana)
& they made gumbo. 😍
Oh man.
Super delicious. 🙂

I give myself a manicure & pedicure every Friday.
& the bigger my tummy gets, the harder the pedicure gets. Lol.
So I may have to retire and start going to the nail shop soon.

My indigestion is just getting worse.
Or maybe it’s heartburn.
I don’t even know the difference.
Or if there is a difference.
If anybody knows of anything that will help other than medication cuz I just refuse to take ANYTHING while I’m pregnant.
Please let me know!

Domonique was able to feel our little man move last night for about five minutes straight!
He was going crazy in my tummy like he usually does at night. 🙂
I’m not sure who was more excited that she was able to feel him, her or I. Lol.
I could tell by her reaction she’s absolutely in love with him.
After she felt him she started worrying even more about him.
Asking if I was hungry and telling me to lay down & rest.
Today while we were driving she seen him kicking as well. 🙂

Our next appointment will be Friday, we can’t wait to hear our baby’s heartbeat again. 😝
I wish we could have an ultrasound too. 😦
But I won’t be a brat about it!

I CANNOT wait to receive these diapers she surprised me with. 🙂 Are they not the best looking things ever. 💚


Bumgenius 4.0 in Armadillo.


Our cloth wipes. 🙂



Projects.Beaches. & raccoons.

30 Jul

I didn’t intend to write a long post…But I did. Sorry!

So recently I’ve only been posting when we have appointments.
Because there’s really just not much to update on.
However, being that I (& my wife too even though she probably won’t admit it) are totally into this whole cloth diaper thing. I decided it’s worth an update.
Over the past few weeks we’ve been buying lots of goodies for our little man. 🙂
We may have even gone a bit overboard but that’s besides the point.
We’ve received our first cloth diaper order and the second and third are already on the way!
We seriously couldn’t be happier with our decision to use cloth.
My wife also found a website with super trendy cloth diaper prints.
& we signed up for a club they offer in which we pay 23.00 a month.
& they send out one diaper and all types of other related things. 😍
I would have never thought we’d care too much about what type of print was on our baby’s bottom.
Apparently, we do! Lol.

So I’ve also been setting up weekend projects for my wife & I to complete for the nursery among other things in our house. 🙂
Here is one of them.

I googled cloth diaper storage & this happened to be one of the systems I liked the most.
I found the toy bin on craigslist for 15.00 (compared to 80 for a new one)
& we spent about 30.00 on staining and spray paint.
THIS is what we ended up with. 🙂
Which is pretty perfect for neither of us being the crafty type!

Alsoooo, we house sat for Domonique’s aunt for a couple days.
3 blocks away from the ocean beach (the first house we lived in together)
& it was a nice little get away!
We did miss the comfort of our own home.
& I missed not having to worry about raccoons coming in the house.
(Long story short there’s an abandoned lot next to their house. & their windows are flush with the ground. So when the windows are opened at night CITY raccoons. Not to be confused with a normal sized raccoons. -_- like to come in and chill and eat their cat’s food.)
Luckily for crybaby me my wife takes care of everything and makes sure the house is totally locked up so I don’t have to worry about that.
But they did make it in two of the nights we stayed there & had left the window open for her aunt’s cat. Of course we had the room with the open window locked so they couldn’t get to our dogs or us.
But even the idea of them being any where near me FREAKS me out.
I’m not just lightly scared of these things.
On top of the man eating raccoons I had to worry about.
The cable & internet was out.
So as if I hadn’t watched Selena a million times already.
(The only movie here)
I have now seen it TWO million times. Literally on repeat. Lol.
The local redbox decided to have no movies that were even remotely interesting! -_-
ANYWAYS. I am complaining/totally not complaining.
Because overall we did enjoy ourselves. 🙂
I didn’t mind being ten minutes away from Domonique’s job, so she didn’t have to commute & came to visit me on her lunches and even brought me food. 🙂
It was LOVELY avoiding the 100 degree weather at home for a couple of days!
& I for sure didn’t mind not having to worry about chores around the house. 🙂
My wife got me MY Thai food that I have been wanting since I started having cravings.
The other Thai food spots she’s got for us were good.
But the place out here is absolutely amazing! 🙂
We also took Remi to the beach for the first time.
He LOVED it.
Paige has been there before. But she wasn’t too happy about it this time around!

So we went to Target to look for the True Blood box set. No luck. 😦
Buuut, while we were in the baby aisle we got lucky. 🙂
My wife pointed out the Burt’s bees baby products because originally we had decided we would use them instead of J&J.
And I said oh yeah I wanted to use Burt’s bees but they’re just way too expensive so I switched to J&J.
Then a woman came up to me and was like excuse me did I hear you say you switched from Burt’s bees?
Then I explained to her my reasoning.
Apparently she worked for Burt’s bees and wanted to buy us some product so we could try it out. 🙂
Holler, that works for me!
So we’re now on the fence about which brand to use.
(What a dilemma right? -_-)
Lol. Usually it wouldn’t be, but for my real life OCD self. It is.

We’re nearing our 6 month mark. 🙂
Everything has been going extremely well!
I’ve gained back all of the weight I had lost plus 4 pounds.
Which would put me at a 4 pound weight gain from pre-pregnancy. 🙂
I LOOK like a real life pregnant lady, which I loveee.

I have been feeling K______ Since I was about 12 weeks.
But nowadays he is kicking like crazy!
At 21 weeks I even felt him from the outside.
And since 22 I am able to see him moving.
Every time I try to get Domonique to feel he decides to stop.
But we’ll get there. 🙂
However I was able to get videos of him moving & sent them to her.
He seems to be up during her work hours.
So this weekend we are gonna stay up late to catch him in the act!

I am still getting HORRIBLE heartburn & indigestion. 😦
& it’s almost impossible to not breath like I weigh 500 pounds.
Or at least that’s how I feel!
Even with all of this I still feel WAY
better than I did in the first trimester.
& I have a healthy baby boy growing perfectly inside of me.
So I don’t mind all these feelings.
With that said I will keep my mouth shut. 😶

Before & after picture of the diaper bin.
(Well kinda before we had started to stain it a tiny then remembered to take a picture.)


Our first order of diapers in our fancy new bin.

& my EXTREMELY cute wife with Paige and Remi at the beach. 😉


My belly as of today. 🙂 22 weeks. 4 days. Awkward picture. 😦 it’s hard to get any picture that you can really tell. I totally took my wife’s shirt. 🙂 mine are just not working for me these days. : /