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26 Jun

Gays can officially get married in California.
Just a little bit. : )

Fuzzy picture.





20 Jun

So tomorrow I go to take a HCG test to make sure my levels have gone down to zero.
I thought my period was over, apparently not. Blah!
I have A LOT of anxiety. I really am not sure why.
I found out today that with a miscarriage you can literally SEE the eggs when they pass.
I’m obsessing over that.
Like I didn’t see mine, but then again I definitely wasn’t looking.
I kind of wish I didn’t know that.
I have a feeling that’s what’s making me sooo sick to my stomach today.
Like the idea that I could have seen them. & didn’t, bugs me. Idk why.

I’m going to have lunchieee with the wife today while she’s at work. 🙂
So that will be nice, I’m sure she’ll make me feel better.
She always does.
LOVE her of course. ❤

Also the fact that i spent my morning talking about baby stuff.
& watching a show in which a couple is currently trying to have a baby.
Isn’t helping with this anxiety of mine.
I feel likeeee for whatever reason I don’t WANT to talk or think about anything that involves babies.
Don’t get me wrong I want a baby as much as ever!
Buuut, with the first cycle being unsuccessful I’m just NOT going to get my hopes up this time.
Juuust to be safe!

I will allow myself to get excited when I see a positive pregnancy test, which is how my wife thinks already.
It’s somewhat “easier” that way.

We are REALLY REALLY leaning towards implanting three embryos.
: )
& I have a strong feeling we will.
Which I certainly don’t mind at all.
Three buns is for surely better than none! ; )

Raaandom, CUTIE pie picture of my wife & I at her birthday dinner. ❤



21 May

My beautiful wife & I.
Even though she HATES when I call her that.
“Let’s pick another word”
Domonique is on the right & I’m on the left.



THEE ROBINSONS est.070311<3

21 May